Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"SETC" by Harrison Reed

Reed Journal 4/1/16

SETC was a truly amazing experience. Getting the audition material together took some serious work, but thankfully masterclass played a HUGE role in that process and made things a lot easier for me. The convention was amazing because we all got to participate in really cool classes and listen to very interesting speakers and we saw some truly inspirational shows and performances that were extremely well done. The audition was such a cool experience to be exposed to so many different colleges. I had a great time, and I highly recommend it to any young actor. You wont regret it!

"Finding Your Voice" By Nathan Malota

Malota Journal 4/3/15

In Sound Class, we created a project that emulated us as speakers. Essentially, we took information from our voices like frequency range and max decibels, and with this data we each made individual "Spec Sheets". A Spec Sheet is the graph and data chart of a speaker's attributes, with not only functional capabilities, but physical features as well. Since people obviously have very different physical features than speakers, we had a lot of fun getting creative with what parts of a speaker could represent ourselves. For example, for the speaker's enclosure, I put down "calcium-enhanced bone structure".

And of course, with it being a data sheet, numbers are involved. And when numbers are involved, math comes into play, which scared me at first. But I'd like to think I didn't do the math terribly wrong; it was all conversions I was pretty familiar with.

Overall, the project was a fun and unique way to show what we have learned over the year. It wasn't a tedious and boring research paper like most school projects would be; it was a reminder of how much fun and informative the class was!

"Little Shop Project" by Josh Corbin-Tomlinson

Corbin-Tomlinson Journal 4/23/16

I am currently working on a poster board with mostly examples of Stage Management things used in Little Shop of Horrors for my final TheatreWings Presentation.  Some of these things consist of Prompt script, ground plans, shift sheets, French scene breakdowns, blocking cues etc.  Those are all going to be small examples on my poster board. My poster board is three separate pieces, with information and examples (mostly examples) on front and back that flips around.  I am also creating a small prop, which is one of the baby Audrey II plants from Little Shop.  I will have photos that show the process of making the plant. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

"Supercal Skirts" by Maria Traver

Traver Journal 3/28/16

This week in costume class, we finished our skirts for the "Supercal" dance number in Mary Poppins. It was the first time when we were really alone in making costumes. The previous week, Emma had given us instructions and the materials we needed and set us loose. I actually did pretty well and didn't completely mess up! This week we finished the skirts which was pretty fun and I felt pretty proud of myself because I think it was the first really big piece of clothing that I've made. Can't wait to see actresses dancing in our skirts during Mary Poppins!

Monday, March 21, 2016

"Bring It On, Laban!" by Patsy Newitt

Newitt Journal 3/21/16

Bring it On: The Musical isn’t known for its extensive character depth or any sort of complex plot structure so applying what we had learned in class was fairly simple. My character Nautica had a lot more sass and “stank” (and Latino ethnicity) than characters I typically play so I used Laban movements to figure out how to develop her character. Using these techniques helped me see the character with a lot more layers that initially perceived. Nautica uses a lot of punch tactics. Using aggressive but controlled actions illustrated her place as a loyal sidekick but without the irrelevance that usually accompanies that. The techniques I learned in master class developed Nautica past solely overt comedic relief and add some depth to the golden "mc- hammer" pants that I got to wear.

"Starmites" by Molly Hunsinger

Hunsinger Journal 3/21/16

For the past month and a half I had been helping out with a musical that the 10th and 11th grade theater majors did called Starmites. The show is about a girl named Eleanor who loves comic books and ends up in the comic book world where she is a superhero. As this superhero, she finds the love of her life and defeats an evil villain with the help of a troupe of space warriors and wild cannibal banshees. My involvement in this show was being a singer with the band to help support the cast. I enjoyed having the experience and made a lot of new friends.

Friday, March 18, 2016

"SHEAR MADNESS!!!" by Lila Clark

Clark Journal 3/18/16

This week I was able to see the Director's Circle performance of Sheer Madness. It's a crazy comedy that changes every night! You're able to tell this show will be different as soon as the house opens,  because the actors are already onstage pretending to be in a hair salon.   The first part of the show is always the same,  however after the murder takes place,  things start to change. The audience is asked to help reconstruct was had happened so far,  and in the 2nd act they are allowed to ask the suspects questions. In the end,  the audience votes for who they think the murderer was,  which means a different ending every night!  It was very impressive how well the actors knew every bit of the show, because it changes depending on the audiences. A lot if it's was improvised which you could hardly tell. I don't think I would be able to handle doing this insane show. Jesse did an ending job directing this show. Also, shout-out to Liesl who stagemanaged like a pro.